Customer Intelligence

Beyond standard analytics, A/B testing and data visualization, we develop the next era of customer intelligence systems for your organization supporting most of the customer success life-cycle phases such as conversion, loyalty and customer growth. A key example is our configurable customer segmentation and campaign targeting solution, Segmento™.

Segmento™ allows retailers to understand their customer base, build custom marketing campaigns and strategically plan loyalty programs. Feature-wise, our take on customer segmentation provides you with meaningful customer segments cohesive enough for story-telling descriptions, actionable insights that allow you to map identified cases to suggested actions and campaign what-if scenarios with ROI estimation. Finally, dashboards designed specifically for your organization allow your business teams to explore and use segmentation models with no IT support.

Moreover – in the true spirit of Medoid AI – we can develop custom-fit solutions for most of your data-driven, customer-facing activities, such as recommendation systems and customer support chatbots. Please contact us for more information and details on these solutions.

We are looking forward to working closely and responsibly with you to address your unique business challenges in this area.

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