Document Intelligence

Business documents, such as financial statements, contractual agreements, employment contracts, and invoices are a rich source of business knowledge. However, such knowledge is hidden in the unstructured information that is present in business documents in the form of natural text, tables and figures, that often coexist in complex proprietary templates and sometimes originating from scanned documents that need to undergo OCR processing and table/figure extraction. The ability to turn all this unstructured information into structured knowledge, also known as document intelligence, is critical for the successful operations of businesses.

Also, scientific documents, such as scientific research, scientific reports, and clinical trial results are documents that can reach wider audience by summarizing their work, through plain language summary (PLS).

Medoid AI has significant experience in working with business documents, and has long-term expertise with academic publications. Together with partners from the academic publishing industry, we have built and successfully deployed AI technology for keyphrase extraction, semantic indexing, question answering, venue recommendation, and article summarization. We are looking forward to working closely and responsibly with you to address your unique business challenges in this area.

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