Generative AI & Chatbots

From sophisticated Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for enhanced information access to cutting-edge synthetic data generation, and onto the transformative social listening technologies, our Generative AI solutions are expertly crafted for your business to revolutionize how you interact with data and extract insights. We invite you to explore these advanced developments that are redefining the boundaries of data analysis and human – AI interaction.

RAG allows generating answers using external information sources, such as documents or databases. Our RAG technologies enable users and clients to get answers to natural language queries involving large collections of documents and databases. Specifically, for database queries, we have developed a complete Text-to-SQL pipeline allowing for the exploration and querying of custom enterprise schemas using natural language.

Synthetic data generation is vital for testing new products, creating anonymized, privacy-preserving datasets that are still realistic, or simply for any application requiring more data. Modern generative AI technologies enable the creation of synthetic datasets that resemble the original data in distributions and realistic complexity. With our synthetic data generation technologies you can generate tabular data for relational database schemas easily even for demanding workflows that involve several PII data and latent relations.

Generative social listening is revolutionized by our patent-pending technology, Crowdspeak. It enables anyone to identify and listen to the voice of the most important opinion groups for selected topics and influencers’ posts. These innovative “collective texts” express the consensus of a group on major topics, accompanied by a set of reports with novel statistics on these opinion segments. Explore more and request a private demo on your data sources at CrowdspeakAI on Twitter.

Our advanced financial summarization API, with its latest version surpassing GPT-4’s performance, is trained on thousands of financial reports from sources like Bloomberg. It quickly conveys the most important facts in any financial text. Access and use it at RapidAPI.

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